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The Stairways at Adelaide Drive in Santa Monica: Why Are They Such An Issue?

April 19, 2009

On Adelaide Drive in Santa Monica, locals exercising on two public stairways are stretching the patience of homeowners.  The two stairways in question provide stairsteppers 350 easily accessible stairs and plenty of free parking.  Especially within the last 15 years, the stairs have grown in popularity but some local residents complain that people who use them and the grassy median on nearby 4th Avenue are not considerate of their neighbors.

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The Stairs in Santa Monica

February 16, 2009

Santa-Monica-StairsYou’re looking at The Stairs in Santa Monica, a popular place where West L.A. residents exercise. Two public stairways — each with more than 100 stairs — go up and down a hill not far from an “extremely historic” cemetery filled with people who ate some bad peaches at a party in 1909. No, really.

The area has been in the news recently as wealthy, local residents are becoming tired of people using the area as an outdoor gym. For now, it seems relations between the exercisers and the local residents have calmed a bit.

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