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As CRA Winds Down, We Look Back At Our South L.A. Marlton Square Video

February 3, 2012

USC’s Intersections South L.A. is reporting that the California Redevelopment Agency — responsible for many potential development projects in South Los Angeles including Marlton Square — had its last official day this week. Nearly three years ago, I completed one of my first USC video news stories, which covered Crenshaw’s Marlton Square, an eyesore that’s needed redevelopment for years. Click through to watch the video.

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South L.A.: From Food Desert to Food Oasis

April 13, 2009

Fresh and Easy (11)

Turning South Los Angeles into an oasis that can provide healthier food to South L.A. communities was the subject of a two-day conference hosted by the California Endowment April 8-9.

The conference, titled “Food Desert to Food Oasis,” brought together a number of activists looking for feasible ways to help South L.A. residents, who are underserved by an inadequate number of markets.  Speakers answered questions and took audience suggestions about how to solve the lack of healthy market food available in the area and simultaneously spark local business development.  Event organizers hoped to show how difficult and complex the issue can be to address.

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Where Does Crenshaw’s Marlton Square Fit Into Local Redevelopment Efforts?

March 11, 2009

Make the jump to view the first broadcast piece I produced during the Spring 2009 semester at USC.

Crenshaw’s Marlton Square is an eyesore that’s needed redevelopment for years. I investigate how the restructuring of L.A.’s redevelopment agency (CRA/LA) could affect this shopping center and other commercial projects in the area.
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