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Time Capsule: A Proposition 8 Protest and the Bad Eggs

March 23, 2009

Protesting in the streets

Protesting in the streets

Another story in the Time Capsule series, immerse yourself in Proposition 8 protests from November 2008 with this story, a photo slideshow and an audio file recorded from a march in West Los Angeles.  UPDATE: The California Supreme Court has until early June 2009 to rule on whether to uphold the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.  Some news reports hold that the court is leaning toward upholding the ban.

Hundreds of people demonstrated around the Los Angeles California Mormon Temple on Nov. 6 to protest the state’s passage of Proposition 8. The protest and march around Los Angeles (in the slide show you will hear the moments leading up to the march) wreaked havoc on Southern California’s rush hour traffic and continued for hours. Activists like Jane Gould and Nick Small (pictured below) made phone calls in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

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