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All About the Numbers: 2013 BMW 320i Motor Trend First Test

August 10, 2013


BMW’s wildly successful 3 Series sedan lineup expands for the 2013 model year with a controversial new base model called the 320i. The compact, premium sports sedan got my attention with its decent performance, but made me question BMW with the car’s deceptive pricing structure.

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Go Behind the Design: Interviewing a BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept Designer

February 18, 2013


We traveled to Munich for the official debut event of the BMW 4 Series Coupe concept, and besides writing a thorough First Look article, we talked to one of the car’s key designers to get an inside look at the design’s inspiration.

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By the Numbers: 2004-2012 BMW 6 Series

November 11, 2011


We’ve nearly approached BMW M6 territory with the new 2012 BMW 650i coupe and convertible. Thanks to a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter 400-hp V-8 engine producing 450 lb-ft of torque, the new 650i is a rocket whether you choose the popular eight-speed automatic or low-volume six-speed manual transmission.

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MT Then and Now: BMW X3 and Hyundai Sonata

June 7, 2011


MT Then and Now is a semi-regular blog feature on that capitalizes on newly published road test articles by comparing reviewed vehicles to previous reviews published years ago on the Web site. Click through to the rest of this post to see a few examples of this successful feature.

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Our Cars: 2009 335d – Great Cruising Range, But Needs Easy Diesel Locator

October 26, 2010
2009 BMW 335D fuel station locatorAfter a weekend trip to Santa Barbara with Motor Trend’s long-term 2009 BMW 335d, I won’t repeat everything that’s been said about the BMW’s solid steering, handling, and braking, but I did have a few issues.
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