Visual Effects Modeling and the BBC’s 5-Shot Video Method

April 16, 2010

How can reporters without multimedia experience create high-quality videos for their stories?  The BBC has the answer: a 5-shot method that produces consistently good footage every time.

Reporters simply have to get 10 seconds of the following shots in order: close-up of hands, close-up of subject’s face, wide shot, over-the-shoulder shot, interesting shot of your choice. USC’s graduate journalism program demonstrated this technique and taught students how easy it is to use Final Cut Pro.

For this project I wrote about the fascinating subject of…

visual effects technology from one expert at the head of the field.  As you watch the video, keep in mind its purpose: a quick and easy video for reporters on a deadline.


One comment

  1. I think this is a cool subject for you to tackle. More people should learn about the ins and outs of the VFX industry. There are a lot of people involved and a lot of tiny processes that are put together to make up that one amazing shot that the audience love. I think there is a misconception that it’s all just one click and it’s done. It requires talented artists and a lot of patience to come up with these ideas and even more to execute them properly. I work for a VXF studio in Canada and we specialize in high end VFX for the advertising industry. It’s not just movies that are using all of these great effect techniques; you can now find them in video games, music videos and commercials. Keep up the good work, If you want to read more about the state of the VFX industry and see some of our work at Boogie Studio, please check out our site our site at



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