Tropicana Graphic Design: Did You Stop Buying Because the Packaging Changed?

August 12, 2009
Photo By Zach Gale

Photo By Zach Gale

The recent and incredible failure of Tropicana to redesign its orange juice cartons is not, as the New York Times called it, PepsiCo’s version of a New Coke-like debacle. No, the fact that Tropicana experienced a 20% plunge in sales immediately after modernizing its cartons affirms the importance of graphic design compared to the inherent goodness of the product.

The formula of the orange juice remained the same; the stunning sales decrease can be largely attributed to the redesign, which was introduced January 2009 and discontinued late February 2009. Many complained that the new, bolder design eliminated the image that has come to represent Tropicana: an orange with a straw stuck in it.

Photo By Zach Gale

Photo By Zach Gale

While this blog was partial to the simple and now-gone design, the carton’s contents should be more important than how pretty it is. The half-orange carton cap will especially be missed. What do you think? Which carton’s design do you like best?



  1. actually I’m not…according to me, if the packaging changed…it’s not really impact

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