Wow. Dreyer’s Thin Mint Ice Cream is Almost as Good as the Cookies

March 29, 2009
Dreyer's Girl Scouts ice cream

Dreyer's Girl Scouts ice cream

Go now and buy Dreyer’s Girl Scouts Thin Mints ice creamIt’s amazing.  Treat yourself for doing something good, or, if you must, pay yourself forward — you’re bound to do something that’s worthy of a food reward at some point.

Not that you should celebrate with food, but if you do, try a healthier ice cream that won’t do too much damage. Take a few bites of the Thin Mint ice cream or maybe the Girl Scouts  Tagalongs ice cream and you won’t believe they’re low in fat, but they are (compared to most tubs of ice cream in the freezer aisle). Dreyer’s also offers a Samoa ice cream limited edition flavor but you’d best stick with the other two flavors.

If that’s too sweet, there’s always Dreyer’s new Tart Mango flavor, a tart and fruity yogurt blended ice cream.  Personally, I’d also go for Breyers Chocolate Cookies & Cream that has plenty of flavor but is actually pretty healthy.  Click on the graph below to see how various ice cream flavors balance low fat and sugar with flavor. . . just make sure to come back to this blog.

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Tart Mango ice cream

Tart Mango ice cream

One special note of thanks to the Dreyer’s restocker at Ralph’s today in West L.A. — had he not blocked the case holding the Private Selection Ralphs ice cream flavors I wanted, I would never have tried their butter pecan praline flavor pictured in the background at right.

Have your own tasty but somewhat healthy ice cream recommendation?  Leave it in the comments section below.


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