Leimert Park HPOZ Story Preview Part 2/3

February 17, 2009

Here we have another Leimert Park house that does not appear significantly changed since it was originally built — as far as the L.A. Department of Planning is concerned, that’s a good thing. After an area is established as an HPOZ, homeowners can enter into a Mills Act contract, which provides property tax reductions of up to 80 percent according to Ken Bernstein of the Office of Historic Resources.

Not every HPOZ homeowner applies for a Mills Act contract, however. The city requires rehabilitation and maintenance of the inside AND outside of a home with a Mills Act contract. A homeowner not entered into a Mills Act contract must keep up the historic appearance of the property’s exterior but can go wild with shag carpets and mirrors on the ceiling inside.

Tomorrow we’ll see an example of a Leimert Park home that might not make it past an HPOZ inspection and, eventually, I’ll direct you to the story tying together all three houses.

This entry is one in a series of photo assignments for my online journalism class.


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